MALULEKE TELECOMS PTY (Ltd) has a vision to build a competitive
organization within the telecommunications industry
Our aim is to ensure conformance to given specification and ensure excellent end products to our clients on our first attempt.

Fibre Obtic Splicing

Fusion splicing is the act of joining two optical fibers end-to-end using heat, using a specialised machine.

Floating and DIT

DIT Includes an Air Tightness Test, Foam Sponge Test, Mandrill Test as well as a Pressure Test.

Survey and Maintenance

Surveying, Rodding, Roping & Interduct Placement as well as the general maintenance of sites.

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By combining perfect skill, nine years of experience and a great sense of professionalism, Maluleke Telecoms is delivering high quality services on time, within budget and according to the given specifications.

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We believe that being Ethical, Professional and Excellent in providing our services and interacting with our clients, will allow us to secure long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Honest and dependable

At Maluleke Telecoms, our Values are what defines and guides us, and we realise that our success ans sustainability depend on them. It is for this reason that we strive to always abide by our values.

We are always improving

We aim to continually train our employees to ensure that we are always up to date with the latest standards and technology within the telecommunications industry. We plan to achieve this through engaging in knowledge sharing with our clients.
Our clients

Our clients

We pride ourselves with the success that has been following us thus far, we have had no return-for-repair projects or uncompleted projects upon all of the projects assigned to us.

In this project we cover the full turn-key solution for this client. This includes Civil Work, Fibre Optic Installation and Testing, as well as any other additional work required.



We supply links to Radio Frequency, UTP Cabling, Full National Turnkey Fibre Optic Installation Solutions within the Scale of FFTH, FTTx, FTTb and FTTs.



These projects involved working on retractor net cables which differ from the conventional micro-fibre. We also do Turnkey on Fibre Optic Installations, on MDUs and SDUs.



In this project we dealt with single mode conventional cable which ran from a Point of Presence (POP), supply and installation, feeding termination boxes through looping. FIBREHOODS


Let’s work together

At Maluleke Telecoms we offer services within the telecommunications industry, such as all kinds of Fibre Optic Splicing Work, Floating and DIT, Fibre Optic Civils Work, Surveying, Planning, Consultation (ILO/ Quality), maintenance and UTP cabling.